Life Planning Stages

People sometimes think they aren’t old enough or don’t have “enough” in assets to worry about planning.

In reality, there are aspects of planning that are necessary to accomplish things for you, your child, or your parents, regardless of what is owned.

Click the links below to see a quick summary of each stage and potential life planning tools and considerations. Once you complete this review, visit the What Stage Am I In page to complete a summary form, download the free life planning tool “5 Essential Documents & 5 Essential Questions.”

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Young Adult (18+)

Young Couples

Young Families
(Minor Children, i.e. under 18

Mid-Life Planning

Sandwich Planning

Aging and Long-Term Care Needs

Special Considerations

  • Probate – What it is and Why to Avoid It
  • Second Marriage with Separate Children and Separate Assets
  • Special Needs Adult Child or Child Requiring Lifetime Care
  • Managed Distributions to Structure Time and Amount
  • Special Planning for Specific Property (e.g. Farm, Business)

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